Sometimes you have things that are just truly God. Today was one of those things.

This week was crazy for me. I had a physics test on Monday, a lab report and lab practical on Thursday, and two tests today, a Micro test and an O-Chem test. My physics test didn’t go as well as I would like (but the class average was a 45), and I did better than the average. Even though my partner slacked off with the lab report, I did well on that and my practical.

Today was going to be the monster. I had two tests, hadn’t packed at all to go home and I was panicking. Then last night I was hit with this calm. Usually I frantically study.

This morning I got up and took my Micro test, and when my O-Chem teacher came into class, he didn’t have any tests. He hadn’t written them.

Our fall break starts today. I won’t have that test until next Wednesday. If that isn’t the definition of a college blessing I don’t know what is.


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