24 Floors

This week was hectic, which is why my post is coming later in the week. It was fall break so I went home and hung out with my family. It was really nice. I missed them. I got to visit my favorite bakery from home and it just made me realize how much I miss it.

My test went alright. I passed, which is better, and I scored higher than on the last test. Progress, I guess. Physical Chemistry is so hard on its own and my teacher just makes it more difficult.

Friday after the test we went out to celebrate and several of my classmates got really drunk. It was mostly annoying, because I was pretty sober. I just don’t drink that much and with most of the boys hammered, it was not the best idea at all. I drove home on Saturday anyway and driving home hangover would suck.

I spent my long weekend at home and not really talking to Katie or Sarah. They both just really worked my nerves on Friday. There was an art show and neither of them invited me, but Sarah wanted to complain to me about Katie not showing up. It was just annoying. We’re okay now, I guess. I don’t know. I feel like it’s a delicate balancing act and friendship shouldn’t work like that. It’s stressful. On top of that, she always nags me. Like she will text me all the time asking where I am, etc. like I’m a child. I’m not. I’m grown.

I had to switch to an injection medicine for my insulin because the other medicine was killing my stomach. I don’t like needles, but I want to try something different and hopefully more effective. It’s weird and as a recovering self-harmer, it’s really weird. I’m worried that it will trigger me and that also scares me. I’m clean now, and that’s how I want to stay.

My title is one of my favorite, stay here in the this moment songs ever. When American Candy came out, I was hooked and this is one of my favorite songs on the entire album.

“Every moment’s relevant, bittersweet and delicate. Tomorrow may not come again.”





PS- music Friday post will be up tonight as well!


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