Starbucks Thanksgiving Blend

So if you’ve read my URL, you might know that I love coffee.

I’ve been drinking coffee since my dad taught me how to make it at thirteen. I love having Starbucks while studying or brewing myself a cup in the morning.

The problem I’ve run into a lot is that the K-cup (I have a Keurig mini at school) tastes weak to me. I know part of that is because my dad brews strong coffee at home and that’s all I drink, but also their blonde roast is really really light. I also know that k-cup coffee has always tasted a little weaker to me compared to brewed coffee from a real coffee pot.

The Thanksgiving Blend from this year is amazing. If you like strong coffee, even as a k-cup, this blend is for you. I love it and I’m probably going to make myself some more now!




Bath and Body Works Haul

So one of my favorite, favorite things in the world is bath products. When I discovered Lush in Nashville, I might have lost my mind.

Even though I love Lush, their products just aren’t conducive to my teeny, tiny dorm room bath tub. So to hold me over until I can go home and use my parents jacuzzi tub, I buy Bath and Body works products.

Now my favorite scent has been Warm Vanilla Sugar ever since I started using their products. Then a year or so ago, they released the Wild Madagascar Vanilla scent. I love this scent, it’s just stronger.

So I was able to double up on my coupons my last trip to Bath and Body Works, and get $10 off $30 and get the buy two signature items, get one free. So I was able to finally match my collections and get the sugar scrub (which was $16.50) for free!  It was awesome and I’m happy.

So if you like a vanilla scent stronger than the Warm Vanilla Sugar, the Wild Madagascar Vanilla is for you.