This is a special music Friday that’s happening on Tuesday because it’s the 5th anniversary of Symphony Soldier by The Cab.

I love this album. There are very few albums that I truly love from the first second to the last, from the first song to the last one. I can’t explain how important this album has been for me for the past three years. Temporary Bliss is one of the song’s who’s lyrics I remembered seeing on tumblr and twitter a lot before I actually started listening to them.

This album is what made me fall in love with The Cab. Alexander Deleon’s voice and the band’s catchy melodies are sure hits. I love singing Temporary Bliss and La La at the top of my lungs in my car.

Living Louder and Lovesick Fool are two of my favorite emotional songs from The Cab. Overall the album is truly incredible and an amazing, fun listen for anyone who’s never heard them before now.

Favorite Lyrics?

“Living louder, singing longer tonight.”

“I’m not perfect, but I swear I’m perfect for you.”

“I see the stars in the freckles on your face.

“I’m no angel, I’m just me, but I will love you endlessly.”


I love you Symphony Soldier.





Everything has been a little radio silent recently and I’m sorry for that. Honestly? It’s just been crazy busy.

I got to meet Simple Plan last month and see Andrew McMahon perform for the first time and it’s just been a month of new music and growth and good things so far.

I won tickets off the radio for Simple Plan and got to meet them. They were amazing and super nice. Not many bands manage to put me at ease so I don’t feel awkward around them, but Simple Plan did. They remind of Set It Off the way they joke around and tease each other. Three weeks later, I won tickets from the venue to see Andrew McMachon. I was stunned by how incredible and talented he was. I loved Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin, but his solo stuff is amazing as well. He just puts on great show.

I also got to see Star Trek. There were just so many feelings. I definitely cried about Anton. A lot. I miss him already. It sounds ridiculous, but I fell in love with that cast back in 2009. Chris, Zach, Karl, Anton, John, Zoe, and Simon are some of my favorite actors. They are like my children, I followed their careers and went to see their movies/watch their tv shows.

Losing Anton was like losing a part of my heart. The movie did him justice though and that was what I needed.

I got moved into my apartment finally and I start school next week. I can’t wait. I still have to completely get everything unpacked before we start school, but it’s really exciting to be living in a new place.

I’ll be back to update you again soon!