Of Mice & Men

So for today’s music Friday, I picked another band that is near and dear to my heart, Of Mice & Men.

I first discovered Of Mice & Men through tumblr. Austin’s pretty popular and he takes pictures with several other bands and I saw him in a couple of photos with Oli Sykes and got curious. I liked “Second and Sebring”, but the rest of their music was much too metal sounding for me. Later in 2014 however, I tried listening to Restoring Force again, after I had fallen in love with Sempiternal and I was sold. I loved the album and “Feels Like Forever” was definitely my favorite track.

They released Restoring Force: Full Circle this February and I had to go all over my college town to find it. I tweeted about that, but I did find it, and Austin followed me on twitter. I cried. He is such an inspiration to me to do my best because I can. I got to see them in concert this May for my birthday and I’m looking forward to seeing them again. My favorite song by them is either “Feels Like Forever” or “Identity Disorder”, but so many of their songs have such deep meanings.

Feels Like Forever


Identity Disorder


I hope you enjoy!




24 Floors

This week was hectic, which is why my post is coming later in the week. It was fall break so I went home and hung out with my family. It was really nice. I missed them. I got to visit my favorite bakery from home and it just made me realize how much I miss it.

My test went alright. I passed, which is better, and I scored higher than on the last test. Progress, I guess. Physical Chemistry is so hard on its own and my teacher just makes it more difficult.

Friday after the test we went out to celebrate and several of my classmates got really drunk. It was mostly annoying, because I was pretty sober. I just don’t drink that much and with most of the boys hammered, it was not the best idea at all. I drove home on Saturday anyway and driving home hangover would suck.

I spent my long weekend at home and not really talking to Katie or Sarah. They both just really worked my nerves on Friday. There was an art show and neither of them invited me, but Sarah wanted to complain to me about Katie not showing up. It was just annoying. We’re okay now, I guess. I don’t know. I feel like it’s a delicate balancing act and friendship shouldn’t work like that. It’s stressful. On top of that, she always nags me. Like she will text me all the time asking where I am, etc. like I’m a child. I’m not. I’m grown.

I had to switch to an injection medicine for my insulin because the other medicine was killing my stomach. I don’t like needles, but I want to try something different and hopefully more effective. It’s weird and as a recovering self-harmer, it’s really weird. I’m worried that it will trigger me and that also scares me. I’m clean now, and that’s how I want to stay.

My title is one of my favorite, stay here in the this moment songs ever. When American Candy came out, I was hooked and this is one of my favorite songs on the entire album.

“Every moment’s relevant, bittersweet and delicate. Tomorrow may not come again.”





PS- music Friday post will be up tonight as well!

Songs That Inspire- Music Fridays

So I’ve been chatting back and forth with one of my mutual friends on Twitter recently and she’s getting a tattoo of one of my favorite OM&M lyrics. It just got me thinking about songs that I find inspirational. So here’s a short-ish list of songs that make me feel better.

Gold Steps by Neck Deep

I heard this song just a couple of months ago when Life’s Not Out to Get You was released. I was streaming the album and this song stuck out to me a lot. The lyrics are honest and true, but I love that they keep the tune upbeat as well.

Favorite Lyric: Some times things will bend you, but trust me you’ll be fine. ‘Cause I’ve been moving mountains, that I once had to climb.


Hell and Back by Tonight Alive

I used this song as my end of 2014-looking back song. It’s a song about realizing that things suck and working through them. It’s a song about healing.

Favorite Lyric: But I never let myself down, so bad, so bad. But I never thought I’d have the things I have, I have, that I have.


Feels Like Forever by Of Mice and Men

When I first started listening to Of Mice and Men, “Restoring Force” was the album I latched onto. I love the songs and I liked ‘Feels Like Forever’ a lot. When OM&M released the Full Circle edition with the acoustic version of ‘Feels Like Forever’, I fell in love. I’ve sang these lyrics out in the car with a small on my face, and I’ve whispered these lyrics to myself in the dark while I cried until I couldn’t breathe. Good and bad times, this song has been with me and seeing it live was thrilling, bone-chilling, and just emotional.

Favorite Lyric: Don’t let go. Time will heal. Just don’t let go. Someday we can learn to start again.


Tomorrow by Set It Off

I already talked about Set It Off last week. They are an amazing band and their music moves me like no other. Tomorrow is a song about the future. It’s about living in the now and realizing everything just gets better.

Favorite Lyric: They’re gonna try to clip your wings. Lock you up and make you sing. But they’ll never cage your dreams so fly away.


24 Floors by The Maine

I started listening to The Maine earlier this year when they released American Candy. This album is one of the few that I like every single song on it. It’s incredible. This song is somber and slow, but its message is so important. It talks of remembering that even when it feels like nothing is worth it, you are worth it. Someone will miss you and someone loves you.

Favorite Lyric: You don’t wanna die tonight. Take one more breath to clear your mind. Every moment’s relevant, bittersweet and delicate. Tomorrow may not come again.



Living Louder by The Cab

I found The Cab while investigating some of the other songs/ albums that Patrick Stump had featured in or sung in. Their second album, Symphony Solider, is another one of those rare albums where I love every song. Living Louder is a song about inspiration. It’s a song about living life to it’s fullest and having no regrets. Live like this is it.

Favorite Lyric: We’re all just kids that grew up way too fast. Yeah, the good die young, but the great will always last. We’re growing older, but we’re all soldiers tonight.


I hope you enjoy these songs and they make you feel better too. I’ll probably do a part two later on.

Have an amazing weekend everyone!




The Divine Zero

This week has already shaped up to be insane. I had a biochemistry test and p-chem quiz on Monday and a biochemistry lab quiz and economics test on Tuesday. Thursday, I have a lab book and my short lab report in p-chem due and Friday I have my second p-chem test. Considering I miserably failed the first test, I need to do better on this one.

Fall Break is also this week, starting Friday afternoon and going until next Tuesday. I’m so excited. I’m going home and taking a much needed breather. I had to get my hair re-braided, and I have a doctor’s appointment, but other than that I’m clear. I’ll be able to sleep in my own bed and just relax. I’m so ready.

Group last week was heavy. I meant to talk about it last week, but I got distracted and honestly forgot. We talked about our testimonies, but we ran out of time, literally just before it was my turn. I don’t know what God was trying to tell me then. It was strange. Maybe it was because I never really felt like I had a testimony before? Now, I’m three and a half months self-harm free, working with the greeting team at my church and doing a little better. It’s a little easier to see that it was bad before.

I’m going to miss group this week so I can study for this test, which sucks, but I knew that would happen sooner or later.

I’m still a little worried about me. I have good days, but I’m terrified I might have depression? I’ve looked at symptoms and they fit me, very well. I don’t really have interest in the things I used to love the same way anymore, but I haven’t lost all interest? Like TV shows still make me pretty happy, but reading doesn’t like it used to and neither does writing. I’m always tired, but that could be a sleep thing. I sleep excessively when I don’t have class. I rarely eat regularly. I probably skip lunch or dinner almost every day of the week. I feel hopeless and helpless almost all of the time, and when I’m not, I feel restlessness and worthless. I have constant headaches or stomachaches. I feel empty. A lot.

It’s just really scary, and honestly, I don’t know how to handle it. How do I tell my parents that I think I’m depressed?  How do I go see a therapist when I know I’ll be moving in eight months and just have to start over? I don’t really know what to do?

I think the problem is the timing. I don’t have constant symptoms.

I might chat with someone online soon. I just need someone to listen, but also someone who doesn’t know me? My friends just don’t cut it. And honestly, after some of the comments Katie has made, I don’t feel comfortable talking to her.

For now, I’m just going to take it easy, and study for my test.





Set It Off- The New Music Fridays

Hi everyone!

So I had a new music Tuesday thing going on, but recently they changed it to Fridays. I also combined my music selection with my new music posts. So all of my music posts will be together.

Today I want to talk about Set It Off.

Basically, I listened to a few songs from Set It Off in late 2013- early 2014 as I was getting back into pop punk, alternative music. I liked “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead”, but I never really looked into Set It Off.

Back in November of 2014, I started listening to Set It Off, because I thought I would have been able to go to the Black Mass Tour. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go to any of those dates near me.

I really started to like Set It Off. Then I heard that they were doing to Glamour Kills Spring Break Tour 2015 with my babies As It Is (from England), and I had to go.

I got to see them in March and met all of them and As It Is and Against the Current. It was incredible. After meeting them and seeing them live, I completely fell in love with them.

Set It Off has music that makes me feel. Cody sings emotions that make me feel. I love their music. Their new video for Wild Wild World is my favorite so far.

My favorite songs of theirs are definitely Wild Wild World, Missing You, and Tomorrow. My favorite album is Duality.

Hopefully you’ll check their music out and enjoy it!

Wild Wild World


Missing You


Tomorrow (feat. Jason Lancaster)


And a documentary they did about us, their fans, their Dreamcatchers





PS. shout out to rockersoph27, I love the music of the month and I’m trying to do better with my music posts every week.