Feels Like Forever

It’s been a wild month. I had spring break, then a couple weeks of school, then Easter weekend. I started volunteering at my church too. It’s nice. I’m part of the greeting crew so I get to talk to people basically.

School has been a little crazy. I got into my summer program for this summer which is awesome, but I can’t go to Warped for sure now. It’s heartbreaking since PTV just announced that they would play the entire summer. I’m missing them again.

I have hope though. I will see them soon.

I’m seeing Of Mice and Men in like 22 days and I can’t wait. It’s so exciting because I’ve been following them for so long. I’m trying to hopefully win VIP tickets (prays hard). So wish me best please. Austin followed me on twitter too, which was awesome!

On sad notes, I cut again.

I was 46 days clean this time.

I hadn’t cut since before my February post and I was doing good. I left my blades at home. Yesterday, I went to the store and didn’t buy any blades, pencil sharpeners, etc. I did good. And then last night it literally felt like forever was crashing down on me. Never has a song more thoroughly described my life.

So it happened and I was sad and today sucked a lot. I came back to my room at like five and crashed until almost ten.

Now I’m watching band interviews, because they make me smile.

Just send me happy thoughts please.