Starbucks Thanksgiving Blend

So if you’ve read my URL, you might know that I love coffee.

I’ve been drinking coffee since my dad taught me how to make it at thirteen. I love having Starbucks while studying or brewing myself a cup in the morning.

The problem I’ve run into a lot is that the K-cup (I have a Keurig mini at school) tastes weak to me. I know part of that is because my dad brews strong coffee at home and that’s all I drink, but also their blonde roast is really really light. I also know that k-cup coffee has always tasted a little weaker to me compared to brewed coffee from a real coffee pot.

The Thanksgiving Blend from this year is amazing. If you like strong coffee, even as a k-cup, this blend is for you. I love it and I’m probably going to make myself some more now!




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