Bath and Body Works Haul

So one of my favorite, favorite things in the world is bath products. When I discovered Lush in Nashville, I might have lost my mind.

Even though I love Lush, their products just aren’t conducive to my teeny, tiny dorm room bath tub. So to hold me over until I can go home and use my parents jacuzzi tub, I buy Bath and Body works products.

Now my favorite scent has been Warm Vanilla Sugar ever since I started using their products. Then a year or so ago, they released the Wild Madagascar Vanilla scent. I love this scent, it’s just stronger.

So I was able to double up on my coupons my last trip to Bath and Body Works, and get $10 off $30 and get the buy two signature items, get one free. So I was able to finally match my collections and get the sugar scrub (which was $16.50) for free!  It was awesome and I’m happy.

So if you like a vanilla scent stronger than the Warm Vanilla Sugar, the Wild Madagascar Vanilla is for you.




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