I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

Hey everyone!

I’m back at school. My trip out of the country was absolutely amazing. I got to work with Habitat for Humanity and we built the foundation of a house. It was hard work and we were in the tropics, but I loved it. We also got to meet the family that we were building for and hear their story. Honestly, I’m blessed that I had a chance to do something like this. It makes me want to help more.

School started back this week and I am so not ready for it. I’m counting down to Friday already because I want to have a breather. I think once I figure everything out and get my routine down, I’ll be fine. I’m taking 19 hours this semester, which is a lot, but 3 of them are online. I’m excited about both of my chemistry classes, but I know I have to manage my time much better this semester. I started by scheduling everything.

The time between class is now used for lunch, but also homework. I can write a pre-lab in that time, or finish physics homework. I’m just really excited for this semester. I already know I need to sleep more and I’m going to work on that too.

Music-wise, I just started listening to Set It Off and my little UK babies, As It Is are going on tour with them. Hopefully I can see them in March. Fall Out Boy’s new album deserves a post by itself and I’ll write it sometime this weekend.

As you can tell, it’s about to get hectic.






20 Dollar Nosebleed

Good morning everyone!
It’s so early the sun hasn’t rise and trust me I don’t want to be awake. However I must. I’m going out of the country today and I’m so so so excited.
I won’t be back for a little over a week so my blog will be a little inactive, but after that I start class. I’ll definitely be updating more and talking about what I’m doing differently.
But for right now, I’m off to the airport. Wish me luck and I’ll be back with pictures etc. later.