Spain: Madrid

I’m not exactly sure how it came up in conversation, but I mentioned to my friend Sare that I had been to Spain the summer I turned 16 (6 whole years ago. Holy crap.). I realized in that conversation that I hadn’t posted any of my pictures from that trip anywhere.

So I wanted to share some of those memories with you!

I miss Spain. It was my first time visiting another country and truly experiencing the culture. I loved it.

We visited six major cities (Madrid, Toledo, Cordoba, Valencia, Sevilla and Barcelona), Morocco, and a small city on the coast. I’ve got so many weird pictures (I was 16 and terrible about framing shots), but a lot of really pretty ones.

I’m actually going to break them up into cities, because there are so many. So this post is about Madrid!


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So these photos span our visit to the capital, the Royal palace, Plaza Mayor, the subway station and eating churros and chocolate. We went to a tapas bar and got serenaded by a mariachi band. Even though I was exhausted from traveling, those first few days were incredible.

I’ll post more cities soon! And feel free to ask questions!