New Music Friday

Hi everyone!


It’s been a long time and I’m sorry. Everything has been really hectic, but you’ll get that update on Tuesday. For now, it’s music Friday and it’s a pretty exciting Friday. It’s May 12th and both Paramore and Machine Gun Kelly released albums today and they’re both incredible.

I’ve listened to all of “Bloom” by Machine Gun Kelly (it’s pretty great car music) and I really like it so far. It’s got that traditional MGK rapid-fire style, but he also tackles serious subjects like he always does. He’s never afraid to talk about where he came from or how hard he struggled to get where he is. He may rap about hundred dollar bills and private jets, but he’ll also talk about exactly how low everything got before he got his record deal.

There are also a few collaborations that are amazing. Of course Bad Things is on this album, I’ve been singing along with it since it dropped in October of last year. Also “At My Best” one of my favorite songs of 2017 already, which dropped back in March with Hailee Steinfield.

My favorite song on the album (as of right now) is either “Go For Broke” or “At My Best”.

Paramore also released their follow-up to their self-titled album, “After, Laughter”. It’s so different but the lyrics feel so familiar. It’s like being gone for a period of time and then coming home? The lyrics are so fresh, but still so relatable to all of us.

They also announced the next Parahoy! which of course I can’t go to, but it’s okay. I love that they continue to do this year after year. It’s such an awesome and unique experience.

I need more time with “After Laughter” before I decide a favorite, but I’ll have one for you Friday.

Enjoy all the music!







I’m so sorry I’ve been gone so long, but I’ve just had a lot of craziness and been busy for the past three months, but that just means I have a lot to catch you all up on, right?

So I left off in April. I was stressed over school as usual. I was cutting again. I got to see Of Mice and Men and Paramore for my 21st birthday. It was amazing.

Even though I didn’t get to meet Austin and the guys from OM&M or Paramore the shows were amazing.

My grades went well. 1 C, 2Bs, and the rest As. I felt good.

Then we went to Myrtle Beach, and I hit rock bottom. I wanted a cute shirt, and I couldn’t find one. They were all too small and I had a complete meltdown at one point. It was awful.

I found one of my mom’s replacement razor blades and started cutting with it. It was so bad. It was the worst I’ve ever been and I loved it. The razor blade was quick and effective. It gave me the blood I wanted. It gave me the cuts I wanted. I didn’t touch my wrists. I started on my thighs and now they’re full of fading crossing scars.

But now, I’m 15 days clean and determined to stay that way. I’m not really sure what jump started it.

Actually that’s a complete lie. Austin was in the hospital and I was terrified, okay? I was so scared that he was going to die on me before I got to meet him, or hug him, or tell him just how much he and Of Mice and Men mean to me.

I decided then, that I was getting clean. It was a struggle for a little while, but now I’m here. I’m clean, 15 days. I want to meet Austin more than anything.

I’m studying for the PCAT and getting ready to apply to pharmacy school for the 2016-2017 school year. I’m excited. I’m considering four schools in my area and hopefully I’ll get in somewhere.

I think that’s it for right now.

I’m going to try to get better about updating this, I promise.



PS- I’m dropping this song at the end. Listen to it. The acoustic version makes such a difference, just like Feels Like Forever. I can not wait to see them again.


“There’s always another day, another night. A bittersweet blessing in disguise. Tomorrow, we’re the authors of our lives, tomorrow.”