New Music Friday

Hi everyone!


It’s been a long time and I’m sorry. Everything has been really hectic, but you’ll get that update on Tuesday. For now, it’s music Friday and it’s a pretty exciting Friday. It’s May 12th and both Paramore and Machine Gun Kelly released albums today and they’re both incredible.

I’ve listened to all of “Bloom” by Machine Gun Kelly (it’s pretty great car music) and I really like it so far. It’s got that traditional MGK rapid-fire style, but he also tackles serious subjects like he always does. He’s never afraid to talk about where he came from or how hard he struggled to get where he is. He may rap about hundred dollar bills and private jets, but he’ll also talk about exactly how low everything got before he got his record deal.

There are also a few collaborations that are amazing. Of course Bad Things is on this album, I’ve been singing along with it since it dropped in October of last year. Also “At My Best” one of my favorite songs of 2017 already, which dropped back in March with Hailee Steinfield.

My favorite song on the album (as of right now) is either “Go For Broke” or “At My Best”.

Paramore also released their follow-up to their self-titled album, “After, Laughter”. It’s so different but the lyrics feel so familiar. It’s like being gone for a period of time and then coming home? The lyrics are so fresh, but still so relatable to all of us.

They also announced the next Parahoy! which of course I can’t go to, but it’s okay. I love that they continue to do this year after year. It’s such an awesome and unique experience.

I need more time with “After Laughter” before I decide a favorite, but I’ll have one for you Friday.

Enjoy all the music!






New Music Friday

I’m starting this post early because I have so many songs I want to talk about today.

It’s been a little while since I posted a music Friday but with all of the new material coming out I had to talk about it.

These aren’t in any particular order, just how ever I could remember them.

1. Set It Off

Set It Off release Uncontainable last Friday and I fell in love so fast. Obviously since I just saw them a month ago in still high in my Set It Off feels but this song is incredible.

Favorite Lyric: Some day, they’ll say the throne was made for you.

2. The Summer Set

The Summer Set’s new album Stories for Monday comes out next Friday and I’m very excited. I love the singles that have been released so far. They sound incredible and like The Summer Set is evolving.


Figure Me Out

Favorite Lyric: “I’m a bit too pop for the punk kids, but I’m too punk for the pop kids”


Missin’ You

Favorite Lyric: “You can keep my sweater, don’t think I every want it back./ You let the stitches fray, now it don’t feel the same.”


Jean Jacket

Favorite Lyric: “And I was falling in love, while you were fighting the weekend.”


3. Fix by Chris Lane

I will always go back to country music. I love the story it tells and I also really like the new direction that the genre is taking right now. I understand the difference between pop and country, but I like the new sound that songs have.

Fix is one of those new sounding songs.

Favorite Lyric: “I’ll be your smooth ride, that late night, that Walter White high.”


4. Texas is Forever by Pierce the Veil

So let me start with a little squeal. I love PTV and I am insanely excited that they have announced their new album (Misadventures) and the release date (May 13th). I can’t wait to listen to it and smile about hearing my old time favorites again.

Favorite Lyric: “Misguided by darkness and lost on the road, but I’m such a sucker for the rain.”


I hope every one enjoys these songs! Let me know what you think.




Lonely Girl

Sorry about the delay. It’s been like two weeks, but my schedule has been insane. I’m planning on hopefully seeing Against the Current on Friday and then going to the Wonder Years tour next Monday. I’m super excited since State Champs has become a quick favorite of mine.

It’s been really busy with Sarah and Katie as well. I’m really worried that we won’t make it past graduation. Sometimes I don’t want to talk to either of them after I leave in May.

Sarah’s birthday was Halloween and at first we had planned to do something special, but she went to go see Aiden in Louisville which was fine. She really likes that band and I’m glad she had a chance to see them. Another friend and I were going to volunteer in Nashville so we’d planned to meet with Katie and Sarah in Nashville that afternoon.

It was clear early on that Sarah wasn’t going to make it back in time. That was okay, but Katie had made concrete plans with my friend and I and then she never showed.

I don’t know why I bother? Friendships just keep falling apart on me.

I’d planned on going to see Tonight Alive and Set It Off with Sarah, but I’m already betting that won’t happen. Oh well.




Set It Off- The New Music Fridays

Hi everyone!

So I had a new music Tuesday thing going on, but recently they changed it to Fridays. I also combined my music selection with my new music posts. So all of my music posts will be together.

Today I want to talk about Set It Off.

Basically, I listened to a few songs from Set It Off in late 2013- early 2014 as I was getting back into pop punk, alternative music. I liked “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead”, but I never really looked into Set It Off.

Back in November of 2014, I started listening to Set It Off, because I thought I would have been able to go to the Black Mass Tour. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go to any of those dates near me.

I really started to like Set It Off. Then I heard that they were doing to Glamour Kills Spring Break Tour 2015 with my babies As It Is (from England), and I had to go.

I got to see them in March and met all of them and As It Is and Against the Current. It was incredible. After meeting them and seeing them live, I completely fell in love with them.

Set It Off has music that makes me feel. Cody sings emotions that make me feel. I love their music. Their new video for Wild Wild World is my favorite so far.

My favorite songs of theirs are definitely Wild Wild World, Missing You, and Tomorrow. My favorite album is Duality.

Hopefully you’ll check their music out and enjoy it!

Wild Wild World


Missing You


Tomorrow (feat. Jason Lancaster)


And a documentary they did about us, their fans, their Dreamcatchers





PS. shout out to rockersoph27, I love the music of the month and I’m trying to do better with my music posts every week.


I think I’m going to just set an alarm to remind myself to write a post per week. I have a couple music ones as well. I’d started a music Tuesday, but they’ve moved the release date for CDs and stuff to Fridays now so I’m moving my reviews, etc. to Friday too. I’m really excited because there are some amazing albums coming out and then some that have been out that I want to talk about. I’ll do some of my favorites as well. It’s kind of like a getting to know me thing for you.

Classes are going well. Yes it’s a lot of work, but I have so much written in my planner that I’m not too terribly worried. I’m also starting to go to a small group from my church this week and I am worried about that. I pray that it will go well.

The main thing I really wanted to write about was Friday. It was a really shaky day and I’ve spent most of my long weekend thinking about it.

On my way to my 8am class, I was walking past our library and I saw a razor blade just laying on the sidewalk. For a very scary second, I thought about picking it up. I know that would be bad. I know if I had I wouldn’t be 77 days clean right now. When you have to go through the effort of finding a blade, it slows you down. For me, it slows me down enough to think about everything rationally, because I live in a dorm. I’d have to drive somewhere to buy a blade. Or mess up one of my actual razors. Neither of those are ever ideal for me.

So not having any blades significantly lessens my chances of cutting. Seeing that one nearly stopped me in my tracks, but I had to keep going. I had to act like I wasn’t trembling like a leaf in my first class.

It just shook me. A lot. I listened to Gold Steps on repeat and it helped a lot.

Then Sarah had a housewarming party, Friday night and it got really weird. I didn’t drink a lot because Sarah’s roommate’s friends made me uncomfortable so I knew I was going home.

Katie brags about holding her liquor, but she really was the one who asked me to go home. She didn’t get sick but she did get drunk. It was just all around bad. The topics of conversation kept circling around sexual things, which was just not my cup of tea obviously.

I was glad to go home.

It was just weird and I don’t want to repeat that again.

I also don’t want to get drunk with Sarah and Kate or be around them drunk now either.

I feel like that’s not something you say about people who are supposed to be your best friends, but it’s honest. I understand every one isn’t perfect but this was really- just bad.

It’ll be okay.



“You can throw me to the wolves. Tomorrow I will come back leader of the whole pack.”



New Music Tuesdays

Since Tuesdays are the days that new songs and new albums come out, I kind of want to do a new music Tuesday post every week.

It won’t be necessarily all date-wise new music (although some of it will be) but new-to-me music. So I’ll probably do a mix like a song and an album one week and then a song and an artist or something like that.

This week is the album Restoring Force by Of Mice & Men. It came out in Jan. of this year. I’d been listening to Second and Sebring for a while before I even gave this album a chance. Originally I thought that Of Mice and Men was just a little too metal for me, but I listened to Bones Exposed and went and bought the album the next day.

Something about the way that they write grabs me, and honestly, Austin is one of the funniest and nicest band members that I know of. When I tell my friends that I love him, I am being totally serious. I followed the actual band members on tumblr, twitter, etc. for around three months. I really wanted to meet them long before their music really started to move me. They just seemed like really amazing people.

Now I’m glad I did. My favorite song from the album is a tie between Bones Exposed and Feels Like Forever. I can’t get them out of my head. Honestly, I didn’t listen to that much heavy stuff before discovering Sempiternal, but it’s just been this journey into music I never thought that I would experience. The lyrics from this album are real, and lyrics are always what keep me following and listening.

Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to see them live sometime soon!