Easy Enough

So once again, everything has been insane and I’m sorry about the wait! I’ll have this post and then my end of the year post before the new year. I’m proud of myself, because I’ve blogged more this semester than last I feel.

Everything has been okay. My dad has had some bad days, and he really isn’t feeling Christmas right now. We bought a tree, but there aren’t even ornaments on it yet. None of us have really been in the true Christmas spirit with my grandmother gone.

Little things remind me of her. Last week I found her magnets and trinkets from when I went out of the country sitting on our fireplace. I hadn’t had a chance to give them to her. I had to hide in my room and cry so my dad didn’t see me.

This semester ended a little rough. I failed Physical Chemistry by 2.5 points so I’m not happy about that. The good thing is it didn’t tank my GPA. I’m re-taking it in the spring. I wish I wasn’t, but I have to have it to graduate. I talked to Sarah and Katie a little about it, but they just don’t understand and it really worked my nerve. I haven’t talked with them since then. Last Monday, and honestly, it feels good.

How are these girls even my friends? I honestly don’t know if I’m going to stay in contact with them after school. 

We’ll see how spring semester goes I guess. 


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