Of Mice & Men

So for today’s music Friday, I picked another band that is near and dear to my heart, Of Mice & Men.

I first discovered Of Mice & Men through tumblr. Austin’s pretty popular and he takes pictures with several other bands and I saw him in a couple of photos with Oli Sykes and got curious. I liked “Second and Sebring”, but the rest of their music was much too metal sounding for me. Later in 2014 however, I tried listening to Restoring Force again, after I had fallen in love with Sempiternal and I was sold. I loved the album and “Feels Like Forever” was definitely my favorite track.

They released Restoring Force: Full Circle this February and I had to go all over my college town to find it. I tweeted about that, but I did find it, and Austin followed me on twitter. I cried. He is such an inspiration to me to do my best because I can. I got to see them in concert this May for my birthday and I’m looking forward to seeing them again. My favorite song by them is either “Feels Like Forever” or “Identity Disorder”, but so many of their songs have such deep meanings.

Feels Like Forever


Identity Disorder


I hope you enjoy!




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