Gold Steps

So I’ve started class, and honestly, I’ve started like four blog posts to update you, but honestly it’s just been so busy that I’ve gotten distracted.

But senior year is going really well so far. Yes, I’m taking physical chemistry (one of the hardest chemistry courses) but I’m going to pass and I’m going to graduate.

I’ve started applying to pharmacy schools too and I’m so excited about that.

On other things, I’m now 72 days clean. I bought myself an Alex and Ani bracelet for my two month celebration after seeing that bracelets could help. Austin’s birthday is right around my three month and I really want to let him know how much seeing him and OM&M live helped me to make the decision to stay clean.

Katie and I had a fight just before school started and it escalated to a pretty severe point before I caved and reined it back in. I should have stood my ground, but I didn’t. Honestly, it wasn’t worth it, to lose this entire friendship and start where I started last year.

I’m a class mentor this semester also for the freshman coming into school. I really like it so far. The training was long and boring, but I want to feel like I could make a difference and this is it.

I’ve been sick-ish this week, but hopefully this medicine will kick in tonight.

I’m going to do better about updating this blog, I promise.

Talk to you next week!



“Some times things will bend you,

But trust me you’ll be fine.

I’ve been moving mountains,

I once had to climb.

And life’s not out to get you.”


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