I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

Hey everyone!

I’m back at school. My trip out of the country was absolutely amazing. I got to work with Habitat for Humanity and we built the foundation of a house. It was hard work and we were in the tropics, but I loved it. We also got to meet the family that we were building for and hear their story. Honestly, I’m blessed that I had a chance to do something like this. It makes me want to help more.

School started back this week and I am so not ready for it. I’m counting down to Friday already because I want to have a breather. I think once I figure everything out and get my routine down, I’ll be fine. I’m taking 19 hours this semester, which is a lot, but 3 of them are online. I’m excited about both of my chemistry classes, but I know I have to manage my time much better this semester. I started by scheduling everything.

The time between class is now used for lunch, but also homework. I can write a pre-lab in that time, or finish physics homework. I’m just really excited for this semester. I already know I need to sleep more and I’m going to work on that too.

Music-wise, I just started listening to Set It Off and my little UK babies, As It Is are going on tour with them. Hopefully I can see them in March. Fall Out Boy’s new album deserves a post by itself and I’ll write it sometime this weekend.

As you can tell, it’s about to get hectic.






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