Hell and Back

This year has been a little rough. I lost friends and learned what it was like to be alone. I had to repeat a class. I starting cutting. I almost lost my scholarship. I let stress make me so sick I was seeing a gastroenterologist.

It also had its’ ups. I shadowed a pharmacist and decided it was definitely what I wanted to do. I saw Mayday Parade twice, and both PVRIS and Tonight Alive for the first time. I bought my first vinyl records (Fall Out Boy and PVRIS). I introduced my brother to my favorite bands and he gained some of his own.

Honestly, this year was hell. It really was, but I feel like I’m going to come out on top next year. I’m excited about my spring semester and then starting my senior year. I’m ready to start getting ready for pharmacy school. I’m ready to let go of the bullshit and hang tight to the things that really matter. Music that makes my soul sing. A church that makes my heart whole. Friends that make me smile. A focus on studies that could rival a fighter pilot. Concerts, laughs, and new hope.

I’m so excited and really for this new chapter. I’ll turn 21 in May. The new Avengers movie is coming out.

Things are going to look up. I’ll make sure of it. I haven’t cut in 33 days and I’m so proud of myself.

This is also going to be my last post in the Fall 2014 category. I’ll add a Spring 2015 next time.

xoxo until 2015


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