New Music Tuesdays

Since Tuesdays are the days that new songs and new albums come out, I kind of want to do a new music Tuesday post every week.

It won’t be necessarily all date-wise new music (although some of it will be) but new-to-me music. So I’ll probably do a mix like a song and an album one week and then a song and an artist or something like that.

This week is the album Restoring Force by Of Mice & Men. It came out in Jan. of this year. I’d been listening to Second and Sebring for a while before I even gave this album a chance. Originally I thought that Of Mice and Men was just a little too metal for me, but I listened to Bones Exposed and went and bought the album the next day.

Something about the way that they write grabs me, and honestly, Austin is one of the funniest and nicest band members that I know of. When I tell my friends that I love him, I am being totally serious. I followed the actual band members on tumblr, twitter, etc. for around three months. I really wanted to meet them long before their music really started to move me. They just seemed like really amazing people.

Now I’m glad I did. My favorite song from the album is a tie between Bones Exposed and Feels Like Forever. I can’t get them out of my head. Honestly, I didn’t listen to that much heavy stuff before discovering Sempiternal, but it’s just been this journey into music I never thought that I would experience. The lyrics from this album are real, and lyrics are always what keep me following and listening.

Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to see them live sometime soon!






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