J’s Music Selection: Fall Out Boy

So this is going to be my first of many posts like this to just give you an insight on some of my favorite music artists/bands.

Fall Out Boy

2001-2009 2013-

I didn’t really listen to Fall Out Boy that much pre-hiatus, but I knew the staples: Dance, Dance, This Ain’t A Scene, Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down, and Thnks Fr Th Mmrs. There’s almost no way you could have listened to the radio in 2007-2008 and not heard them. When they went on hiatus, I moved on and switched my primary genres.

In 2013, I was in my second semester of college and Fall Out Boy came off hiatus. I remember being shocked, but instantly excited. I hopped right back in the fanbase with everyone else that had been waiting for those four years.

I got to see them in Memphis in September of 2013, and honestly, I probably listened to nothing but Fall Out Boy for months after that. I fell back in love all over again.

I’ve got the most Fall Out Boy merch of any band that I like. I’ve got like seven or eight shirts, all of their CDs in physical format and Save Rock and Roll digitally. I’ve seen them live and considered getting their new logo tattooed on my ankle.

Favorite Songs:

Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying (Do Your Part To Save the Scene and Stop Going to Shows)

Coffee’s For Closers

Headfirst Slide on Cooperstown on a Bad Bet

Save Rock and Roll

Chicago is So Two Years Ago

Honestly, my favorite songs change almost regularly, but my hands down favorite album of theirs is Folie A Deux. I love it to pieces. Every track has a place in my heart.

I’m super excited about all of the news that has been happening lately. Patrick’s going to be a dad and I’m so excited for him. Centuries was totally unexpected and worth waiting for. I can’t wait for the next album and tour so I can see them again!





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